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August 25, 2015
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Maximum Impact

Truly, I can say that my role as Impact Director at City Year Tulsa “ticks all of the boxes” on my dream job list. After completing my master’s in May, I knew that I wanted to shift back out of the classroom but remain in a role that allowed me to continue positively impacting students who are educationally and otherwise underserved. I also wanted to somehow serve to support other educators, namely those working with at-risk and underserved students. I didn’t know when I spoke about “impact”, how literal I was being.

In my role as Impact Director with City Year Tulsa, I provide leadership for our Alumni Engagement Coordinator and for our 6 Impact Managers who in turn, manage our Americorps Members at partner school sites. Our department is directly involved in influencing student achievement in Math and Reading, in offering students solid and positive support academically, and in the areas of behavior and attendance. We are also focused on ensuring that our Corps Members have a positive experience and feel supported as they serve, as they shift into life after City Year, and beyond.  When I came on board, I began calling my team the “maximum Impact” team. That is to say, the work that we do has a spotlight on it, and it is up to us to effectively leverage our skills and our joy for working with students to meet the goals and high expectations that we have set for ourselves and that our partners and City Year have for us.

 In addition to those points of focus, I have the opportunity to interface with partners within the Growing Together network, to share the word about City Year with stakeholders outside of our GT/CY family, and to forge connection with school leaders and staff.

As a former classroom teacher, I’m inspired by the potential that our department and our site at large have for continuing to build and maintain positive relationships with our school partners and to serve students well! We strive to make sure that our Corps Members view the additive work they do as powerful and as a source of support for students and teachers. We’re not there to compete, criticize or undermine what teachers do for students. Many of our Corps Members endeavor to careers in education themselves, and this experience offers them real-world exposure to the classroom and a chance to make a positive difference in students’ lives and in education overall.

I’m especially excited about the growth of our site, look forward to continuing to solidify our relationships, and to seeing us meet our goals in our work with students. I also look forward to seeing many Corps Members return for a second year of service, consider joining City Year as staff, and even look to stay in Tulsa after they complete their tenure!

I’m grateful to be a part of this work and to see that City Year Tulsa continues to strive toward maximum impact with our most important stakeholders. Our students!

Toneille Bent

Impact Director City Year Tulsa


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