Residents and organizations must be empowered to lead the changes together.

It is the job of the Community Mobilization team at Growing Together to foster opportunities for residents to demonstrate their own leadership ability by being a voice, an advocate and a problem solver within their own communities.

The Growing Together Team goal is to empower residents and families to imagine and create communities that provide opportunity for leadership, strong social bonds, community pride and activism. In essence, healthy communities where families and residents live, learn and thrive.

For Growing Together Neighborhoods to Thrive, we work toward these outcomes:

social connectedness

Residents have diverse social connections, in terms of culture, family, and social-economic status.

sense of community

Residents are proud of their neighborhood, school, and other community assets.

resident owned

Residents initiate civic activities that are designed to improve their neighborhood.

mixed income

Developing quality, safe, mixed housing, increase quality of current housing stock.

To that end, residents partner with others to lead or support:

community gatherings

Opportunities to facilitate meaningful dialogues and activities. The gatherings are held monthly. Dinner and babysitting are provided.

neighbor circles

It is a strategy to encourage residents to step outside of their comfort zone to intentionally engage with their immediate neighbors by inviting them to dinner once a week, for three weeks. The Community Mobilization Team leads from behind by initially providing structure and resources for bonding, engagement and problem solving to take place.

resident council

By committing to being part of the Growing Together Resident Council, residents serve as leader representatives of their neighborhoods, and ambassadors for the Growing Together initiatives. The Resident Council members are a prime example of hard work, dedication, longevity and a high willingness to be involved.