When Schools THRIVE, Children THRIVE!

The promise of a thriving community lies in the success of its schools; hence, much effort has been made to choose national and local organizations to partner with the Tulsa Public Schools District to support the Growing Together Schools and its students, from cradle to career.


For Growing Together Schools to Thrive, we work toward these outcomes:


Quality Education

All students receive an quality classroom experience at the Growing Together Schools.

Kindergarten Readiness

95% of kindergartners in the Growing Together Schools are ready for school.

3rd Grade Reading

90% of 3rd Graders in the Growing Together Schools score proficient or higher based on Lexile scores by 2020.

8th Grade Math

All 8th Graders in the Growing Together Schools are at grade level in math.

High School Graduation

95% of 9th Graders in the Growing Together Schools who beging High School, graduate High School.

Post-Secondary Education

Students enrolled in Post-Secondary education or training within 2 years of graduating High School.

Post-Secondary Completion

Majority of students complete Post-Secondary education and training with a degree or credential within 6 years of High School graduation.