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October 4, 2016
Mensaje de la Dra. Deborah Gist, Superintendente de las Escuelas Públicas de Tulsa
November 15, 2016

We the People … have the power!

I can’t be the only person who is finding it hard to find bright spots during the current election season.  So much negativity.  So much selfishness.  So much focus on things that don’t really matter to us, the voters.

Luckily, we actually have all the power.

We have the power to decide what kind of city, county, state, and nation we live in.

We let that power be known by voting.  By not voting, you are handing your power over to someone else.  Do you trust that their vote (their power) will reflect your values?  I don’t, which is why I will be voting on Tuesday.



Elizabeth Harris, Growing Together, Senior Director of Operations & Strategy

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