Growing Together | Statement about DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Growing Together expresses its deepest concern about President Trump’s decision to rescind DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), as announced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
DACA is a successful policy that has brought immigration relief to about 800,000 young people who were brought to the United States as children. In addition to deferring deportation, DACA has enabled these bright young immigrants —who are required to pass an intense background check and pay a $495 fee—to obtain jobs, pursue higher education and otherwise contribute to the nation.
Three out of four registered voters support DACA, according to recent poll data from And in Congress, there are proposals—from both sides of the aisle—to expand the program.
Data compiled by the American Center for Progress showed that after receiving DACA, immigrant youths were more likely to be employed. This employment has a positive impact on American economy by increasing business creation and allowing young immigrants to open their own enterprises, creating more job opportunities.
Human lives take priority over corporate revenue but even if you look at the loss in capital gains, terminating DACA could result in the loss of billions of dollars, according to the American Center for Progress. According to the center, nearly $460 billion could be lost in the next decade if DACA is ended.
Ending DACA threatens recipients with deportation from the only country many of them have ever known.
“Taking away DACA from 800,000 young people who have been raised in this country, in our neighborhood, that have attended our schools, churches, is against to what we stand for as a nation and as a community,” said Growing Together Executive Director, Kirk Wester. “My heart is heavy thinking about all the young immigrants, employees, friends and neighbors – our neighbors, who are affected by this decision. It is unjust and we must stay on the sideline no longer.”


Growing Together | Comunicado sobre DACA (Acción Diferida)

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Growing Together expresa su mayor preocupación, acerca de la decisión del Presidente Trump, sobre la anulación de DACA (Acción Diferida), hecho anunciado por el Fiscal General, Jeff Sessions.
DACA es una política exitosa, la cual ha otorgado un beneficio y alivio inmigratorio a unos 800 mil jóvenes que llegaron a los Estados Unidos cuando eran niños. Además de postergar la deportación, DACA logró ayudar a éstos jóvenes brillantes – quiénes pasaron por una intensa revisión de antecedentes, y pagaron un trámite de $495 – para obtener empleos, continuar una carerra de educación superior y contribuir a la nación.
Tres de cada electores inscritos, apoya a DACA, de acuerdo con una encuesta de Y el Congreso, tiene propuestas – de ambos partidos – para ampliar el programa.

Las estadísticas del Centro Americano parar el Progreso, muestra que después de recibir DACA, los jóvenes inmigrantes, aumentaron la probabilidad de ser contratados. Este empleo tiene un impacto positivo para para la economía Americana, incrementando la creación de negocios, y permitiendo que los jóvenes empiecen sus propias empresas, creando más oportunidades de empleo.
Las vidas humanas tienen una prioridad sobre las ganancias corporativas, pero incluso, al ver las pérdidas de capital, por el hecho de acabar con DACA, podría resultar en la pérdida de billones de dólares, de acuerdo con el Centro Americano para el Progreso. La cifra podría alcanzar unos $460 billones en la próxima década, debido a la eliminación de DACA.
Terminar con DACA pone en peligro de deportación a sus beneficiados, del único país al cual conocen.
“Arrebatar DACA a más de 800 mil jóvenes, que han sido criados en éste país, en nuestro vecindario, que han ido a nuestras escuelas, iglesias, va en contra de lo que nos define como nación y comunidad”, dijo el Director Ejecutivo de Growing Together, Kirk Wester. “Mi corazón está dolido al pensar en todos los jóvenes inmigrantes, empleados, amigos y vecinos – nuestros vecinos, ques serán afectados por ésta decision. Es injusto y no podemos quedarnos de brazos cruzados”.

Growing Together Senior Director of Operations and Strategy

takes on Project Management position with Asemio

We are pleased to announce that Elizabeth Harris, Growing Together Senior Director of Operations and Strategy, will start an exciting professional path with Asemio, a leading technology consulting company, starting on June 5, 2017.

“It has always been my goal to devote my career to serving my community in meaningful and innovative ways,” said Harris. “Growing Together has provided me so many wonderful personal and professional opportunities to do just that.  I have learned so much about systems change, organizational development, and project management during my three and a half years. Now, I have the opportunity to share my experiences with and continue to learn from others serving the Tulsa community at a new organization. I have had a great experience working with Asemio on Growing Together’s Data System and hope to provide the same high level of service and innovation to other organizations seeking to create a better community.”

 Kirk Wester, Growing Together Executive Director said that “we are excited about Elizabeth’s new role with Asemio. During her time with Growing Together, Elizabeth has served to shape our thinking around the innovative use of data with us and our partners to change the way in which we do our work, continuously improving our outcomes so that children have a better future,” and “we are thrilled that she will stay closely connected to our work and in a position to advance the use of data throughout the City of Tulsa.”

 Asemio has been a long-time partner of Growing Together, and Aaron Bean, Asemio Managing Partner has expressed that “the Growing Together team has continually conveyed a vision of community-based leadership, prioritized the passionate pursuit of systemic equity, and valued the strategic use of data-informed decision-making.” Bean added that “it is with great excitement and gratitude that we welcome Elizabeth to the Asemio team this June. The infusion of her powerful experiences from Growing Together will amplify our Tulsa efforts to create a more data-informed community.”



Growing Together: A model for nonprofit community-based organizations


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Growing Together targets two neighborhoods to promote education and community investment.


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Heavy Lifting…Together

“Not everybody is being a knucklehead around here. People just assume we’re all crazy on this side of the river. We’re not. Good people live here. Hardworking people live here. We have good kids that live here that just need that little bit of help and to know that someone cares.” – Brian Beebe

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Growing Together Joins Purpose Built Communities Network

We are the 14th Network Member nationally and the first in Oklahoma

Purpose Built Communities welcomes Growing Together, the community quarterback of a neighborhood transformation in Tulsa, OK, as its 14th Network Member nationally. Growing Together’s work is focused on the Kendall-Whittier neighborhood, where they are working with partners to implement mixed-income housing, a cradle-to-college education pipeline and community wellness, following the Purpose Built Communities Model.

“Growing Together has forged the kinds of strong, cross-sectoral partnerships that lead to breakthrough outcomes for children and families and we are excited to welcome them to our Network,” said David Edwards, CEO of Purpose Built Communities.”

“We are delighted to join other outstanding community developers in the Purpose Built Communities Network,” said Josh Miller, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Growing Together. “Purpose Built Communities’ staff has been vital to our efforts and we look forward to working with them and the community in the years to come to break the cycle of inter-generational poverty here in the Kendall-Whittier neighborhood.”

Growing Together is the most robust place-based effort of its kind in Tulsa to date. It started as an initiative of the Community Action Project of Tulsa in 2010 and became its own separate entity in 2014. Growing Together recently completed a holistic strategic planning process to set the stage for its work over the next 3 years.

The plan identified three major areas of work for the organization: high quality education, community vibrancy, and mixed income neighborhoods.  As a result of the reinvigorated strategic direction and its work with Purpose Built Communities, Growing Together has revamped its organizational structure and processes to execute its work in a more efficient and accelerated manner.

About Purpose Built Communities:

Purpose Built Communities, a nonprofit consulting firm that offers its services free of charge, helps local leaders organizations implement a comprehensive, long-term place-based redevelopment model with public and private partners in neighborhoods of concentrated urban poverty to create healthy, vibrant neighborhoods where all residents can reach their full potential. The Purpose Built Model includes mixed-income housing, a cradle-to-college education pipeline and community wellness programs and facilities in a defined neighborhood, coordinated by a dedicated, nonprofit community quarterback organization. There are now 14 Purpose Built Communities Network Members across the United States.

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Voices for National Service has released a new report from Dr. Robert Balfanz of Johns Hopkins University on how AmeriCorps and Senior Corps can help create a seamless system of supports for our most vulnerable students.  A continuum of care fueled by national service will ensure low-income students progress through their education, gathering momentum for college and career success.

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Growing Together via NPR


Kirk Wester, Executive Director was interviewed by Studio Tulsa.

This past Summer, Growing Together, looking at the data and reviewing the latest research, determined that we needed to address the issue of concentrated poverty head on. Thus we created a new Theory of Change and that theory caused us to resolve to address the issue of creating a mixed-income community.

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Our very own Superstar Sequoyah Elementary Teacher, Ms. Rachel Smith won the Golden Apple Award!

Congrats Ms. Smith

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