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November 3, 2015
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December 4, 2015

Thankful for Neighbors


My family and I have lived in the neighborhood of Eugene Field for about three and a half years, since 2012. My parents have lived here since 2007, and so we were slightly familiar with the area. We moved from Sapulpa, where I gave up my full-time job, 401k, and benefits to spend more time with my children. We sold our house there and bought a home that didn’t cost as much and we were ready to do our best living on much less.

I began working part-time and it has definitely been a struggle. I realize that for many, that situation is unique. Most people strive for more income, better cars, better homes, etc. We wanted to downsize in as many ways as possible. As difficult as that life change has been, there have been so many ways that living here in Eugene Field has made us a much richer family.

I’ve always wanted to volunteer for anything, really, that would serve people. I didn’t really care how, but I knew I wanted to do it. There have been opportunities here and there, but for one reason or another, they would fizzle, or the commitment would be too much.

One day we got a flyer on our door about a neighborhood meeting, so my mom and I decided to check it out. That was the beginning of our amazing journey with Eugene Field Growing Together. Through meetings with them and several others, we’ve gotten to know so many neighbors, we’ve learned of opportunities to better our neighborhood, and we have even had the opportunity of traveling to a Community Leadership Institute class together to learn how to do even more for our community.

We have been guided to do things like gathering signatures on petitions, calling city council members or legislators, or to sit in on other meetings to help instigate change. I am so thankful that we learn first hand about ways to help each other and this neighborhood. We help plan the neighborhood cleanup and the back to school celebration. We even started an annual neighborhood play. These are ways that we can be there for each other and for all the families in the neighborhood. After all, it takes a village.

The Resident Council meets once a month, and they don’t mind if our rowdy kids are there. I am extremely appreciative of that, because I know that my children are learning the importance of being involved in your community and how much it shapes the neighborhood as well as each one of us. Again, it takes a village.

We come from all different backgrounds, we all have different talents, and yet we all come together and brainstorm ways to help improve Eugene Field. I’m thankful that in our neighborhood, we know most of the people on our street. We see people that we know at the Quik Trip or just walking, and we say hello.

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to serve these people, even with what little resources we have. We love this place. We love Eugene Field.


Wendy Beeson

Eugene Field Resident Council Member

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